Alcoholic Beverage License Original

Alcoholic Beverage License - Amendment

Fermented Malt Beverage & Liquor Control in Parking Lots

Restrictions Applicable to Alcohol Licenses

Alternate Side Parking

Application Fees

Board of Review - Confidentiality of Income & Expense Records

Board of Review - Procedures & Criteria for Allowing Alternative Forms

Building Code

Additional Residential & Commercial Building Codes

Building Construction & Appointment of a Building Inspector

Cellular Towers


Claim Procedure-Refunds Tax Pymts in excess of bill

Clerk - Appointment of

Comprehensive Plan - Adoption of

Comprehensive Plan - Amendment

Design Review

Dog Licensing

Driveway, Field Roads, Culverts and Right-of-way Ordinance (11/8/22)

Dwelling Unit Standards

Election - Polling Hours & Inspectors Split Shift

Erosion Control & Stormwater Management

False Alarm Charge - Waunakee Fire Sections

Fees – Amended 12-4-17

Fees – Amended 10-16-18

Fire Hazards

Fire Inspections

Impact Fees ETZ

Implements of Husbandry - Permit Required

Implements of Husbandry - Requirements

Land Division & Subdivision Regulations

Livestock Facilities


Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Homes - Amendment

Mobile Homes

Occupancy Permit Required

Open Burning

Outdoor Heating Devices

Plan Commission

Public On Street Parking

Public Records

Refuse & Recycling

Road Construction

Road Dumping

Room Tax - Collection of

Room Tax

Sewer Connections

Sewer Connections - Amendment Dated 8/1/2022

Street Excavations & Openings

Subdivision Road

Town Board - 5 Member

Town Board - Extension of Terms

Town Park

Voter Registration

Weight Limits on Town Roads