Sewer Utility Districts

The Town of Vienna operates two sewer utility districts. Both pump in to the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District for wastewater treatment.

Utility District 1 covers the Interstate business area. Most businesses in that area get their water from the Village of DeForest. The Town of Vienna monitors water usage and sets sewer rates according to the amount of water used. Users are billed quarterly. The unincorporated Village of Morrisonville also pumps their sewer in to our system. They pay fees directly to Madison Met and pay us for their proportional use of our lift station.

Utility District 2 is comprised of two parts. Utility District 2A consists of the Windsor Prairie Subdivision. They are on a gravity system.

Utility District 2B is comprised of the Hickory Meadows, Nature Valley and Lantern Hollow subdivisions. They all flow to a lift station on Hickory Lane that pumps into the gravity system at the Windsor Prairie subdivision.

Since the users of Utility 2A and 2B have private wells, there is no way to monitor water or sewer usage. Rates are established for each 2A and 2B each year. Those charges are added to the tax bill as a one time per year special charge.

For after hours Utility Emergencies call Scott at (608) 712-0191.