Chip Sealing Roads Begins in AUGUST

This year, the town has contracted with Fahrner Asphalt Sealers to chip seal our roads.  This has been rescheduled, and is now set to begin in early August on several roads within the town. This process fills in the developing cracks in the roads and seals the gravel to the pavement. This treatment adds a new layer of coverage that preserves the roads from further damage. The following roads will receive this treatment: Hahn, Old Hwy 113, N. Madison, Cuba Valley, Easy, Morrisonville, Hickory and Hilltop Circle, a total of 7 miles of road.  Once the chip seal is completed, the roads are safe to drive on but may be sticky until the seal adheres completely.  Drivers may want to go slower so the gravel doesn’t kick up and stick to the car bumpers or on the tires.