Solar Panel Project Update

We had a meeting on Tuesday, July 25, 2023 with the Lead Developer at Invenergy for the Great Dane
Solar Project located only in Vienna. Recently Invenergy held a meeting with local landowners so we
asked if they would meet with us to update the town officials on the status of the project. When the project was first presented in 2019, the plan was to secure 2,500 acres of land and generate 300 Megawatts
of energy. Invenergy put their plans together and presented them to MISO, a Regional Transmission Organization that reviews how much electricity can be transferred to the GRID/ATC high wire lines for distribution. It was determined this was too much energy so Invenergy needed to downsize the project.
This caused the project to need another two years to reconfigure the layout. It is now projected to need
600-700 acres and produce 100 Megawatts instead of 300MW. This is still regulated by the PSC (Public
Service Commission) based on the size. This year they presented the new plans to MISO and receive
confirmation that the 100MW would work for with transmitting the electricity to the GRID. The project
schedule shows development through 2024-2025 with a start date of construction in 2025-2026. We
were told this project will provide power to 20,000 homes and generate 200 jobs with an estimated at a
cost of $80M in the local economy. Due to the delay in Vienna, the Arlington-Leeds project named the
High Noon Solar project will begin construction before Vienna. Invenergy has assigned a local representative to address any questions that arise. Her name is Melissa and she can be reached by email at 
[email protected]