2024 Election Year – Register Now!

Next year is a big election year with a possibility of 4 elections, starting with a primary in February. We encourage anyone who has recently moved into Vienna to register early to prepare for next year. Also, if you haven’t voted since the last Presidential election in 2020, more than likely you will need to register again. The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) performs maintenance of electors records 4 years or older for no activity. 

You may register at www.myvote.wi.gov or by stopping in to Town Hall

The dates for the elections are as follows:

2/16/2024 – Spring Primary Election (if needed)   

4/2/2024 – Spring Election & Presidential Preference Vote;

8/13/2024 – Partisan Primary Election; 

11/5/2024 – 2024 General Election

If you are unsure if you are still registered as active in the system, please email or call the office and we can provide that information to you.